Dear David Bowie / 親愛なるデヴィッド・ボウイへ 04


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After I achieved my first dream of becoming a car designer, I went on to design for various car manufacturers over 15 years.

Then, at the end of 2015, I decided to start my own company, to concentrate on my life’s work of creating Hypercars, and new projects for my clients.

The very first thing I started working on was a David Bowie car – more than 20 years after the initial decision, I finally started to work on my second dream.

It was after Christmas 2015 that one of most exciting and interesting sketch sessions for me started. But this blissful time was curtailed 2 weeks later by the very sad news of David’s passing.

I said to myself, this was now an impossible dream to achieve.

But after that period of profound sorrow, I decided to create a portrait of him by using my medium “CAR”.

“It’s not possible to this with him but always possible to do it for him as a tribute and token of appreciation.”

Sketches from 8 Jan 2016, his birthday and two days before his death
/ 彼がこの世を去る2日前のスケッチ。彼の誕生日。





3D CAD modelling : Cyrille Ancely, CGI(base of rendering) : Alexandre Larnac